Orthodontia covers diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of occlusion disturbance and investigates the causes of such abnormalities.
Many people mistakenly believe occlusion may only be corrected in the  infant and teen age. This is not quite right. Occlusion disturbance may  be corrected even for adults!

Our medical center offers its patients the most recent achievements of modern orthodontia. Accurate diagnostics, custom selection of the occlusion correction system, computer-aided fabrication precision, up-to-date materials, control  in all treatment stages, high qualification of the clinic orthodontist.
Apart from the traditional ligature brace systems and orthodontic plates,  we offer our patients the breakthrough orthodontic treatment systems – lingual braces Incognito and self-legating braces Damon 3.

  • Advantages of the self legating brace system Damon 3
  • Dramatic improvement of the esthetic appearance
  • Opportunity for providing treatment without teeth extraction!
  • More precise control of teeth movement
  • At least 25% reduction in the orthodontic treatment period!
  • Significant reduction in the number of orthodontist visits
  • Minimum discomfort at all treatment stages
  • Alleviation of soft tissues damage risk by tips of truncated metal ligatures
  • Improvement of oral hygiene
  • Absence of periodontium blood supply disturbance